Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Little Bear

Beastie Boys

Avocado Love


Feeling sort of blah lately but I don't like this place being stagnant for too long, so here are some randoms.

-Such a sad week, losing two major inspirations in my life. RIP Adam Yauch and Maurice Sendak.

-Have been enjoying gardenias in bloom all month. The last one is in the above picture (along with Little Bear wearing a Beastie Boys button, a small tribute in my room :)

-Avocados have been on sale lately so I've been taking advantage and eating them every which way.

- A couple of drawings found in my little guy's school folder that made me smile.


Candle Stick Photography said...

It was a sad week, I am a huge Beasties fan and MCA was my boy. Me and him go way back.

Candle Stick Photography said...

We read your blog still all the time! Keep it up, I want to see your new filing cabinet Before /After. Get on it.