Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lightening Bolts

"After" chair cushion


"Before" chair seat

In progress painting fabric

I was asked a while back where I got the lightening bolt fabric for the chairs in my living room. And since I am procrastinating on an annoying project today I thought I would finally get around to showing how I made the fabric. I used contact paper and measured and cut the bolts out and then painted an upholstery weight fabric with acrylic paint. A little labor-intensive but it worked :)

Old Brand New has a house tour on Apartment Therapy, so cool :)


rike said...

such a nice and cozy home you have!

the 'home'-poster, is it your design?


kimberley said...

Hi Rike and thank you! Yes, the Home poster is my design. I took this photo to list in in the shop about a year back but brought it back out to show the chair :)

Robert Dulaney said...

so good! i thought that was pre-printed before i scrolled down! amazing!

vibram said...

Such a nice and cozy family you have!May yo have a happy life!

Leen said...

very nice!!