Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Garden

winter garden

winter garden

little sweet potatoes

I guess I've just accepted after blogging so long that sometimes I just take breaks, usually when I am carrying my camera around less. I am so excited about how well my little winter garden is doing, even though I haven't put much work in to it either. On the trellises are sweet peas and sugar snaps. In the beds are carrots, beets, (lots of) arugula, broccoli and some newly growing cilantro and parsley. And a little rabbit that blends in unless you look closely :)
The sweet potato plant died in the frost, but actually I didn't know they were there until then so I wasn't too sad about it.

And almost forgot to mention Cecilia is having a nice giveaway over at her blog.

And I just spotted these last night: Doc Martins collaboration with Sanrio, cute.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a little garden like that!

stephenie said...

welcome back. love the garden. <3

fliss said...

Love your garden abundance!
I am with you on the absences as I seem to be doing the same these days. I enjoy visiting here so please don't stop altogether.