Thursday, February 3, 2011

More mook love

Wolfy and Bunny shirt.

Runway mook?

Mook Love, Bear style

It's strange but I always feel hesitant to post pictures of my sculptures. I guess I don't want to overwhelm the blog with my them, knowing they are not everyone's taste. But I have customers that contact me through etsy wondering if I have a blog since I don't link to it there. So here are some new pieces in the shop for those people :)

Someone wrote me a nice note today, pointing out that I had reached 500 sales, pretty cool!


la_sale_bete said...

I really like your sculptures, thanks for posting pictures!

lola said...

mooks forever!

gracia said...

Love the look of these pieces... and those viewed to the side, behind the masks. I imagine on of those animal 'masks' would come in very handy.

helicopter6 said...

Please post away! Your Mooks are sensational. We love seeing them in all their glory :-)

when skies are grey said...

thanks la sale bete :)
lola-you have one of the first. thank you again!
gracia-glad you like them, thanks.
helicopter6-so glad you like. thought of you yesterday when i was working on some monster mooks :)

fliss said...

Don't hesitate! Love them all and still making up my mind which one to get! Are you doing any more bat ones. Will email you soon. X

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I always love when you post images of your sculptures. More, please