Monday, November 29, 2010




Our scanner has been broken forever. We recently got a new one so I finally had the opportunity to scan some film photos. I love how the top one looks like the sausage patty is floating in mid-air :)

These "extinct toys" by Josh Finkle are amazing.


chanina said...

I love film, and hate myself for letting my old Minolta grow lonely in the closet. There's nothing quite like film and the scanning process afterwards!
Josh Finkle is quite amazing, thanks for the link!

Ella said...

your blog is a gem! your header is absolutely wonderful :)

lauren carney said...

these are beautiful shots!
so scenic and lovely x

Veja cecilia said...

your son is becoming a big boy, time flies, doesn´t is? So wished that i coukd take the time and use my analogue camera, it´s different.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

the top photos is so great!

( I miss taking "real photos" and developing them in the dark room... Once upon a time I even developed colour photos on my own. But the days are too short and the responsibilities too many. In next life again, maybe?)

fliss said...

Happy new year Kimberly . I hope this year brings you lots of joy. Xxx