Monday, July 28, 2008

Cookie House Tour

The House Tour I did for Cookie Magazine is now up. Joanna, who did the interview a while back is just as easy and fun to talk to as you'd think. (Maybe a bit too easy to talk to judging from the interview ;)

There are a few more pictures from that set right here, if you're interested.


Veja cecilia said...

Such a nice home. I just love the sofa!

kimberley said...

Thank you!
Unfortunately, it's on its last legs...hoping to find a new/better one soon.

mieke willems said...

hi! just found your blog and was looking through the old posts. nice things to see here!

karla said...

"What would you like to order?"
Bring it! I'm so ready!!

Gretel said...

please come and do my home. Also, we have the same kitchen table. :)

marlo said...

I just stumbled onto your write up in Cookie and was coming here to say congrats. Your home is lovely.

design for mankind. said...

OOOH, congratulations! :) I want you to design MY SPACE!!!

Wow. You're super talented.

meg said...

I had a house tour a while back too and found myself talking a little too much to Joanna! thank goodness for her editing eye. Your home is beautiful--the kitchen especially. I like how you included your outdoor space as well. And why wouldn't you? I"m sure you and the little man spend much time exploring out there.

Anne said...

Kimberley, your house is beyond lovely and such a sweet interview!
Hooray for you and yours!

kimberley said...

mieke-welcome and thank you!
karla-me too, me too.
gretski-let me see your kitchen table then, in person.
marlo-good to hear from you again!
erin-thank you! but i feel like i'm only good at picking out cool stuff, not so much the arranging of it :)
meg-i remember yours (loved it), and remember giggling about your couch comment.
anne-so glad you're back!!

eking out said...

congrats on your feature in cookie! you've got such a great eye!