Friday, August 1, 2008

I found those etchings I had mentioned

Last week I found those etchings I had mentioned in this post. Having done these about a decade ago, I'd forgotten that it was a 2-part print. I believe our Printmaking teacher was encouraging us to explore various techniques as well see how much working a zinc plate could take. The top print was done using both etching techniques such as aquatint and drypoint. For the next one, I had to burnish the entire plate down and produce another image on the same plate. I think the effect is an interesting one, allowing a bit of the first image to play it's ghostly part in the finished image.

And like my friend Anne, just thinking back to the process makes me long for the tactile process of making prints.


Gretel said...

pretty great

Anne said...

Great to see, Kimberly!
In an ideal world we could share a studio and print away until the cows come home :)

Veja cecilia said...

The fryingpan is great. I like the perspective:)

Natura said...

Made the same at school but never got something that beautiful. Made better on wood and silk screen instead :)

Good work here, thank you for stopping by my blog.