Friday, July 25, 2008

postcards in progress

I found this while cleaning up my studio and thought it would make a nice Friday Archives contribution. Back in 2000 my two friends (Shannon and Jason-fellow painters) and I had this idea to send painted postcards between the three of us, each one adding another layer to postcard we were receiving (painting on top of the last persons). It was fun and we did manage to maintain the idea for a bit. I'm really unsure of what ended the rounds....hmmmm. I think I'll call Shannon right now.

The above image was a copy I made of one of mine before it went back in the mail. You can see a bit of the previous persons image behind and I know it played a big role in how I laid out this painting. I always thought if I made a graphic novel, this is the asthetic feel it'd have.

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Esti said...

It's such a good idea! I like the color palette on this.