Wednesday, May 7, 2008

poorest tony

So it's been a crappy week, to say the least. My poorest Tony would up unexpectedly in the hospital for 4 long days. He's on the mend and today has been his first day home. Between running around cleaning a neglected house keeping the boys happy, I cut bunches of gardenias and placed them around the house. And I should say Tony will be fine (It wasn't VERY serious or life threatening), it's just so nice to have him home again.


Ryan said...

Ok so WTF, what happened? Send him our love and get well wishes.
BTW i was looking at the front of my fridge on sunday and thinking how cool it would be to take a pic of it. Shit you beat me too it, we will have to compare, watch for it. Lets call it fridge art Friday.

marlo said...

I hope everything is okay. Sorry for the burst of bad luck. I love the pic on the top left of the fridge. Also, I'm totally in for Fridge Art Friday!!!

Esti said...

Sorry to hear those bad news. I hope he gets completely well soon.
(Fridge Art Friday sounds such a good idea!)

Michelle said...

Get well soon poorest Tony!