Friday, May 2, 2008

Faces/Archival Friday

Some faces around the places.
The top is an African statue of Tonys that has been armless since I've known him. A few months back, I sewed him a bear hood.
Middle picture: favorite creatures on my dresser.
Bottom: My contribution for Archival Friday. A silkscreen (done in 1995) of a picture of a clay guy I had made. It was a five color and big shocker, they were all grey :) Impatient as usual, I obviously hadn't taken the time to properly register the layers.


Anne said...

Great print, I often think a slightly off registration often makes a better image anyways.

Ginger M said...

(Came via loobylu) I agree with Anne, I like images with registration that's a little off. 5 colours in grey, how creative -- I like the look. I also like the bear hood and palette of your collection very much. :)

Esti said...

That bear hood is great!