Friday, May 9, 2008


Above is my submission for this weeks Archival Friday. It's an illustration done of Tony and I on our wedding day, made for the cover of a CD we sent out to a small group of friends and relatives that attended. It included all the signature songs from our wedding and was done in the style of old jazz records (titled after the first song we played after the ceremony)..that whole weekend really was heaven. Thought it was nice to show too as our anniversary is coming up next week.

Yesterday, my mom called and told us about a Manatee release--she's been a volunteer for Sea Turtle Patrol for many years as well as other organizations, so she's in the loop about stuff like this. So we had the rare opportunity of seeing the release and Enzo got to pet the manatee for a moment (see below) which was really special. The last picture is of the "media frenzy":)
It was so funny watching them scramble for their sound bytes and perfect footage, they numbered us almost 1:1. In the end, Enzo did make it into a small segment of the news and apparently in the paper today. (On the news it was the clip they used for fade-out, he was wading around, splashing in the water, oblivious to their greedy lenses)
The manatee was really cute.


Esti said...

Such a good experience for a kid! I love the story :)

The McManuses said...

One of my favorite CDs!

Anne said...

Happy anniversary! Great to learn you have an excellent taste in music too :)
...and very impressive Manatee, good for Enzo!

sanae said...

That's amazing -- I'd love to see a live manatee. Wonderful CD cover; such a lovely idea!

fine little day said...

Happy anniversary! "Cheek to Cheek" oh, that is a nice song, and a nice cd cover too.

Cara O'Sullivan said...

wowaweewah! lucky enzo!

happy anniversary too - great lookin'cd, you could do a second edition adding enzo to the cover and a couple of his favorite tracks!

when skies are grey said...

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes and the CD compliments!
I've been singing that song to Enzo for the past few days, I think I got it in my head when I posted this :)