Friday, January 11, 2008

some sparrows

Last night my sister Sam came over to hang out and eat some food. I like her.
Thought I'd show some of her Christmas gifts from me before it's too far away. I made the sparrow shirt using contact paper (cut out in the shape of the birds) and acrylic paint. This technique has always worked well for me. The shroom necklace is painted wood and the vest I made using my own pattern*. I really like how it all looks together, especially the Samantha part.

* Outright lie. I bought it.


Karla said...

SOOOO (freakin) CUTE! Excellent work.

The baby just fell asleep so I had some time to go online. I should get some other things done now.

HAHA! I'm babysitting and I thought I'd make myself sound like one of those stay at home moms. HA! I'm really cracking myself up here.

In love with lousy poetry said...

I like you the mostest.

pom said...

Haha "i like her"

Also the picture of your pulling aside your vest makes you look pretty tough ~