Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Frankly

Two years back, for Enzo's first birthday, I made him a stuffed bear as big as Enzo himself. As usual, I didn't have a pattern just an idea. As my friends and family know, I am a self-taught, awful sewer with a decent sense of dimension. And although my sewing projects usually turn out pretty decent looking, I always picture a good sewer looking over my shoulder, completely appalled by my lack of knowledge and patience. Just shocked.
Back to the bear: Enzo named him "Frankly". Last year, one of my best girlfriends got pregnant so I made her a miniature Frankly. Enzo like that one so much, he got one too. Well, this year another bestest girlfriend got pregnant so she is getting one too (I just finished). Hers is the little guy on the left whose massive deformities are well hidden by big Frankley's paw. Thanks big Frankley's paw!

1 comment:

Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

I noticed you spelled Frankly two different ways, the afore mentioned and then there is Frankley. I prefer the later, since it matches your name! Just so you know my opinion on the subject, cause I know you were wondering.... ok, that was dumb. I do love your Franklies.