Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Shark Mook

When a customer requested a shark-masked mook, I jumped right on it since I've bean meaning to make one anyway. When it was all said and done I couldn't help thinking of my etsy pal, Matty8080. I have long admired his drawing skill and he is a super nice guy to boot :) Check out his etsy shop if you haven't already, his prints are very affordable and unique!

Here is his wonderful shark print :



Tamara said...

I totally have one of his prints! I have the pink t-rex one with the weird people. He is pretty swell!

Tau said...

Yay - I'm a big Matty fan too! I'll have to grab a shark in the future for my son.

misako mimoko said...

wow!! i adore this new one with the shark mask!!
and this print is just great! I'll check his shop.

Hope you enjoyed a lovely easter :)
wish you a nice week!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Your work and Matt's look so great together....hmmm...I see a future collaboration of some sort! And I meant to comment earlier that those house shots are fantastic, love it all. :)

fliss said...

Fantastic!!! I love the Shark, and Matty's print are great...thanks for the link.x

kimberley said...

Tamara, I agree-he is pretty great.
Tau, glad to hear that. I was thinking of getting a jellyfish one for my son :)
Misako, Thanks! Yes, check his stuff out, it's great.
Sandra, we have actually talked about a collaboration. It would be fun.
Hi Fliss!