Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Medicine Cabinet/Steiff Collection



Medicine cabinent

Pup Steiff

Elephant Steiff

Lamb Steiff


Mole Steiff


Bear Steiff

Elephant Steiff

I have a wonderful friend that thought of me when she saw this vintage metal medicine cabinet at a yard sale a few months back. I love it so much and now use it to hold two of my favorite collections-my best comics books and my Steiff collection. My grandmother, originally from Germany would make yearly trips back and often purchase a Steiff while there. The year I went with her I picked out the lamb. I love having such a nice case to display as well as protect a collection I have loved since I was a child :)


Tau said...

So cute!! You have such caring people in your life. :)

Rossie said...

Lovely, it makes me think of that book, "The Indian in the Cupboard"

gracia said...

Some seem happier to have their portraits taken than others. A nice collection shared. Thanks.

fliss said...

That medicine cabinet is perfect for Your cherish fuzzy Steiff collection.
I have never seen these before, they are so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

i just heard that the next issue of MOME will be the last. : (

karla said...


Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE the elephant and the monkey! I have a polar bear one.