Sunday, October 17, 2010


A long hike

Yesterday we went on a 3-hour hike through a 300+ Acre Florida preserve. It was really fun and we even learned some survival tips (like starting a fire with a magnifying glass :)


Veja cecilia said...

love what you have done with this place kimberley!

Maria Baker said...

linuCongrats on your appearance on Apartment Therapy! Awesome!

la casita de wendy said...

i love this peaceful pictures!

when skies are grey said...

Thanks Cecilia!
Maria, you are quick to notice. I saw it seconds before. Thanks.
La Casita, peaceful is a prefect description of the place :)

icatapult said...

the path Enzo is going down looks suspiciously similar to the one you taught Satchel how to run on.... And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of the fugi!!!!