Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello there!

Bat Mook

OK, OK. I am back to blogging after another long break. I should just plan on breaking for the months of August and September since I wind up doing just that. It's the long summer, I get so uninspired I guess. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, I am glad to be back with you guys :)

AND, please check out my blog! I tweaked the layout a bit and it feels so much cleaner, it was long overdue for an update. Even though most people see it in a reader, it's nice to have it look like your style. And now it does.


thirtyuan said...

nice! what's that in the header's bottle haha! lookin forward to more inspirational works :)

lola said...


Alexandra Hedberg said...

that's the reason why I don't read blogs in readers .. I don't want to miss out on different log designs!

(read this some time ago - but didn't come around to comment until now!)

lilie-melo said...

I don't read on readers as well... that would be such a pity in case of blogs like yours