Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Trip photos, Part 1

The past week was spent taking care of a super sick little boy. Hated it so much for him but felt really lucky that I could be home with him, making him as cozy as can be. My computer got really messed up too...couldn't read my favorite blogs to pass the time. But now everything seems to be looking up :)
Here's a few pictures from our yearly road trip up the state to visit some of our very favorite friends, we had a great time again.


Lady Ren said...

Lovely photos- Great moment at the table.

karla said...

I want to go to there (the fountain place).

Shannon said...

Great photos! I love the creek- did you photoshop the colors at all? Love part 2 also. What a wonderful visit! Wish there were less sicknesses all around.