Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New skirt

About a month ago I bought Built By Wendy Sew U in hopes that I would finally learn how to sew using a pattern. Using the skirt pattern, I actually made myself a skirt with a zipper, darts and lining! It's far from perfect and way shorter then I'm used to (I got a little ahead of myself when cutting the length, didn't allow for the hem) but I am happy with it. I think for summer I will add a ruffle to the lining to give me a extra few inches.

p.s. The picture of me wearing it is just to show how nice it fits, it was taken right after I jumped, ha! That's why I am in such a weird position. :)


karla said...

So cool Kim! I'm really excited for you! I'm really looking forward to mother's day (you know how I'm making the kids get me a sewing machine. haha!).

L said...

I spotted that in the vacation photos and wondered where it came from -- very cute!


Veja cecilia said...

love the colors and the stripes on the fabric, and wow, great work! When i turned 30 I got a new sweing machine and i was so surtain that i would sew my kids cloths. I alos started to collect fabric. Now when we moved I realised that i have two sacks of fabric and I havn´t used the machine more then once or twice..

Fine Little Day said...

It is so lovely! Makes me all happy :)

kimberley said...

Karla, you are going to be great at sewing from patterns, I just know it.
Lynne: Thank you!
Cecilia: I am so jealous of your two stacks of fabric, I bet you have some awesome prints! At least you know when you feel like sewing, you'll have the fabric.
Elisabeth: Thank you so much!
I should say too, that I got the fabric from ikea, it was great to work with.