Wednesday, April 22, 2009

   Had a slow breakfast this morning, did some sketching while I ate. Such a rare luxury to have this time to work--my little guy's with his grandma having fun. Now I'm going into my studio to try and turn this idea into something, wish me luck!

Congrats to Cecilia for getting her MFA !!!


Veja cecilia said...

thank you Kimberley! So nice to have the time to draw while eating breakfast... and knowing the kid/s are having a good time is really a mental space for creativity

lola said...

such a nice looking breakfast (and drawings!), i love your egg cups.

nath said...

Yes, this is a very good use of time! What did you produce after this promising start to the day?

Elisabeth Dunker said...

This whole scene looks inspiring and nice Kimberley.

stephenie said...

Good luck. And Good Breakfast to you. Oh! And Happy Belated Earth Day <3

kimberley said...

Cecilia-yes, makes such a difference, you can really relax when you know they're having fun.
lola: when you visit, i'll make you eggs in them :)
nath: i promise i will show the product whether it turns out bad or good.
Elisabeth: so glad you see it as inspiring :)
it really was nice.
steph: hello there! thanks for the luck :)

fliss said...

These are lovely images.... i like your sketches and cant wait to see the out comes in 3D. I love moments like this when all is quiet.... i must try to gather a few more of these!