Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was tagged by Leen (who just so happens to have a newish and wonderful blog) to do 11 Details. I followed her lead by drawing them and it was so much fun. Drawing is (to me) the hardest of all mediums and I haven't done any in so long, but it felt nice.

11 Details:

1. shop for clothes: Hand-me-downs from my sister. She's young and still spends money on clothes. And we have similar taste :)
2. furniture: 2nd hand, thrift stores.
3. sweet: Creme Brulee. rice pudding.
4. city: NYC. When we lived in New York (as a child), we'd go to the city almost every weekend. Haven't been in years but can't wait to go with Tony.
5. drink: club soda. (sparkling water)
6. music: The Cure. and of course lots more.
7. tv: Project Runway right now. Six Feet Under. Top Chef. (I didn't draw this one, ran out of time!)
8. movie: Royal Tenenbaums
9. workout: Well, I like to think I will do quick runs when it cools down a bit......
10.pastries: Napoleons!! (layers of pastry sheets with custard between them) I live for my 2 cups a day.

I tag Anne, Fliss, and Cecilia.

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Leen said...

Hi, glad I inspired you to draw again, because they look great!

Also...i also should have put down 'Project Runway' because I absolutely love that show...actually just watched an episode an hour ago ;) Over here they just started airing season 4, so I guess you're already one season ahead.

Esti said...

Good to know a little more about you. I like the illustrations too :)

Katja said...

Love your drawing! :)

Samantha said...

I was thinking about cleaning out my clothes collection again soon. ;)

Veja cecilia said...

thanks for the tag, perhaps I´ll draw it like u did, during the weekend:) Your drawings are so nice and I sure can´t tell that it´s a medium u don´t use that much... Loooks great!

astula said...

oh my god... i love LOVE your drawing! so much nicer than the fun as well but not as artfully cool thing going around flickr!

karin said...

Your tag drawing is nice nice!

fliss said...

Thanks for the tag...i will get onto it!
I too am a rice pud fan!
Love your details drawing...very lovely :)

Ana said...

I love your drawing cause they feel tender. like you gave those moments and things a hug and I got to feel it.