Thursday, July 10, 2008

the rescuers

This afternoon we discovered an orphaned baby opossum in our backyard. With bravery and courage I caught him and then Enzo and I delivered him to the wildlife shelter right before they closed for the day. (The top picture is of the woman who worked there, giving Enz one last look.) We then walked the shoreline nearby and threw back the bait fish the local fisherman had left on the shore, flopping and gasping. Well, not this one, he was dead.


maudkristina said...

goodness me! hooray for all of you, for bravery, rescued animals and summer adventures :)

fliss said...

Sounds like its all happening in your neck of the woods!
I have really been enjoying your photos....they are very beautiful. I have tagged you on my last post...hope you enjoy this one :)

mette/ungt blod said...

wow that is a wild experience!

Alice said...

oh poor thing, he's so cute, love the little teeth :)

Esti said...

A good experience for your kid. I wouldn't have been that brave though... ;)

Alice said...

thank you for your lovely comments :D

i think about my future flat in Stkhlm so much !! because for now i live with the most boring roomate, and everything in the flat is hers/boring haha..

i am so attached to homes, i can't wait to express myself through decoration, and every little single objects :D

have a sweet evening :)