Sunday, July 13, 2008

6 Things I Like Today

6 Things I Like Today:

1. Tony. I didn't actually get to see him much today, but I really like him.
2. Enzo's foot is finally all healed up so today we sailed the walnut sailboats which really ended up being lots of jumping and splashing in the puddle.
3. My new dress. It's not a style I would normally love, but it's gauzy, soft, grey, and feels like I'm wearing a nightgown.
4. Working on my ongoing project, which hopefully I'll have something to show for-soon(ish). I am so lucky Enzo still naps which allows me studio time.
5. Doing a picnic dinner at the park, in our favorite spot.
6. These pretty little flowers Enzo picked for me there.

I was tagged by the creative and talented fliss, thanks so much!
I tag : Anne, Cara, Maud, Heidi and Veja Cecelia (only if you want to play along).


karla said...

I SO love you in a dress! And that one in particular is really great!

fliss said...

So happy you played along....i love your 6 things, the puddle jumping is such a wonderful shot and i am intrigued by your cutting and this unfinished project!
Looks like a beautiful spot for a dinner picnic, right beside the ocean!

Esti said...

The first pic is pure bliss, and that picnic at the park too!! I also like the dress, it looks cozy, and yes, being grey is an extra point, ha, ha!!

Cara O'Sullivan said...

The cuttings are great!

I WILL honour being tagged with pleasure, just need to get my act together!


design for mankind. said...

What an uplifting post! :)

lola said...