Friday, April 4, 2008

birthday gifts

I had wanted to set my new chairs up all nice-like before showing them, but just haven't gotten around to it so oh well. For my birthday, Tony bought me these 2 (one shown-they're the same) beautiful chairs I'd been pining for. My sister Ali gave me the above coupon which any parent will recognize as being of VERY HIGH value. (That's 4 coupons in total!) And my sister Sam surprised me with a gift certificate from The Curiosity Shoppe, a favorite of ours. I plan on waiting for her to come over and help me pick something out :).

And lastly, these weren't necessarily a birthday present, but they came in the mail just a couple days before and I love them so. Two beautiful Jordan Crane silkscreens, sent by two super-cool people I feel lucky to be friends with.

Thank you all so much!


Anne said...

Yep, that is a very good collection of gifts indeed. Love the coupons.

...and re. your last commment: Yes, come hang anytime. I'm sure we'd all have a blast.

Anonymous said...
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The McManuses said...

You must save one of the coupons for Oktoberfest!!! Awesome Ali!!

I was such a bad friend this birthday season. I do apologize! I still have your measuring cups though - you know the ones you don't even need!

In love with lousy poetry said...

Tell me when I should come over! I'm really glad you were born, though I've told you this before.

Cara O'Sullivan said...

your birthday gift forecast:

beautiful chair = refuge for weary bones

golden coupons = multiple adventures

screenprints = creative input & output

i wish for you some grey skies when times are hard and the florida sun is too hot!

kimberley said...

anne: we would!
Mrs. Mcmanus: good idea. Oktoberfest.
in love: tonight.
cara: love my forecast, and that is a good birthday wish indeed. I think we're headed into about 7 months of HOT.

Esti said...

You really have good friends and family!! The chairs look great and cozy; the coupons are too valuable a gift; and the prints are nice and bring colour into any home!