Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dinosaur dreams

I propped this against a jar (right next to my palette) to take a picture. As I leaned back with camera in hand it fell forward , face first into the wet paint. What a mess it was! I ran over to the sink and rinsed it quick and only had to do a little fixing. Thank goodness for acrylic.

*I started this as an illustration for IF's theme:Theory. I had the boy with his eyes open, thinking of a "theory". I couldn't think of a theory for him, so now he's dreaming. Good intentions count, right?


André Gribble said...

Very nice! And the dinosaur blanket, that's a great detail.
Your banner image rocks!

studio lolo said...

very nice! And I like the header too!

Paper Pictures said...

Great picture and concept! Everything we know about dinosaurs are theories. My son is obsessed with them too.