Sunday, November 18, 2007

Picnic Season Begins

Now I'm not what you'd call an outdoorsey type (especially in Florida heat), but when the weather is this nice, I can't help but be out in it. Add that to the fact that our family LOVES to eat and you've got the makings of some serious picnic-ing. Well, not serious..more thrown together, but still. We kicked off picnic season with some simple grilled cheese and tomato soup at a favorite park, right up the street. A little grassy spot under the shade of a tree, right on the water. And afterwards some shoreline walking, collecting, swinging....what more is there?


Gretel said...


In love with lousy poetry said...

I envy your picnic. Can I come?

Cakespy said...

I'm with "In love with lousy poetry"...I am envious! I could try to have a picnic in Seattle in November, but I'd probably get all wet (from time to time it rains here).