Monday, November 12, 2007

Morning Light

Just trying to catch the essence of early morning light. For some reason it seems so much crisper when it's cold out. Tony and Enzo are out on the lawn mower right now so I thought I'd sneak in here. Some more random things going on:
-My friends' move into a cute apartment downtown, next to another friend is really making me happy.
-Also getting excited about Christmas. I called Christmas Eve this year for our big family get together. Much better than Thanksgiving, I think.
-Trying to think up a fun and yet ascetically pleasing Christmas present for Enzo to make as gifts.
-The weather has been perfect. I see lots of picnics in the near future (get ready Sam).
But for right now, I'm off to paint. And later today, I am hoping to fit in a little project for the family to work on. We'll see......


Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

Shadow is one of Mallorie's vocabulary words this week and just as I was looking at your new myspace pic (yesterday), she brings me her paper and it says, "Your ________ is long in late afternoon." I love coincidence.

In love with lousy poetry said...

I was born ready for picnics. I love your capturing of morning light reflections, and your kid. and your shadow, and you.

a girl who collects shells said...

I`m fairly certain that I wouldn`t hate living a life similar to yours, kim.