Sunday, September 30, 2007

cookin' machine

Since having Enzo I've realized how much of life is cyclical. Nothing provides such a poignant example as having a kid. Just when you think you've reached a point that you've got something figured out (or maybe you cannot seem to figure something out), things inevitability change. And from the looks of it that's just the way it is.
Which brings me to my cooking. And I'm sure everyone is like this--sometimes you are really into cooking and sometimes, not so much. Well, apparently this week I really was. Last night we tried the recipe I got out of a Gourmet Magazine my mom gave me. I am always a sucker for anything with a Thai flavor and have been looking for an excuse to use the metal skewers we got last year, so when I saw this recipe I was in. And the dip to go with it. I really loved the chicken while Tony thought the dip was the very best. While we were all outside hanging out by Tony and the grill, Enzo said, "Let's have a picnic!". And since he is the boss of us, we did.

And later on, I baked the cookies Enzo and I had made earlier in the day. They're called "pesto coins" and contain butter, flour, parm, garlic, basil, and pine nuts. I had such high hopes for these, but they were just mediocre. I was so exited since Enz is always requesting to make cookies (but no one in our household really likes cookies) and I finally thought I'd found a "cookie" that we'd love as it's savory, not sweet. They were just OK, but we did have a fun time making them. Anybody know any good savory cookie recipes?


Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

I found myself smiling ear to ear and laughing out loud while reading this. My co-workers think I'm crazy. The pics of the chicken & dip are making my mouth water! Is that you knee? Kimberley you need to shave. haha! For the cookies - what if you added extra butter, do you think that would do the trick? Extra butter makes EVERYTHING better!

In love with lousy poetry said...

Even though I am not chicken's biggest fan, that dip does look fantastic! (you know how i love thai flavor, too!)