Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Moonrise Kingdom"

Did you know Wes Anderson has a new movie? I adore all his beautiful, eclectic movies so I am already anticipating this being a favorite. Super excited!


fliss said... long since i visited, but so nice to come back to all your goodness. I only saw this trailer today and was also super excited. Cant wait!
Also, your new shop and gorgeous cut outs are wonderful, congratulations Kimberly.xxxx
I will be sure to spread the word when my site lets me upload again. Having tech probs as we make a new site. said...

Didin't know about it. Must check it out, thanks for the tip Kimberly!

kimberley said...

Hello Fliss, so glad you're back and so excited to see this new adventure you are on :)Thanks so much for the compliments!

Elisabeth, it looks so good doesn't it?

a girl who collects shells said...

very excited about this one!

Sadhbh said...

Oooh! can't wait for this. Thanks for sharing!