Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Herman Marie!

Herman Marie Stickerfinal copy





And here it is, at long last: Herman Marie, my new etsy shop !! This has been an idea of mine for many years (actually since college days when I first started cutting wood shapes). It is really exciting to have it become a reality. I am hoping it will become a nice option for people wanting fun, colorful designs throughout their homes.
On Friday I will be doing a giveaway, something I haven't done in a while. So if you would, please help spread the word about the new shop and stop back by for a chance to win something nice. Oh, and check out the shop too, if you'd like :)


la_sale_bete said...

The shop looks great! And just in time for the holiday season. Congratulations!

karla said...


alex sunday said...

love the lil' yellow bear. and the toadstools. and the pills. :)

Veja cecilia said...

great, just great!

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

I really like your shop, and the set up with the little blue typewriter is adorable

Sandra Eterovic said...

How come I didn't realise that shop was yours?! No wonder it's all so good!!

Have a wonderful Christmas Kim. :)

beci said...

i stumbled upon herman marie on etsy last week and bookmarked it to go back and buy - which i will. so many great things though... i already have major option paralysis! so good.