Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello again

Binha the squirrel

As usual, the summer heat of Florida has stifled my inspiration for a bit. But I am ready to come back to more regular posting and get back into the mix :)

The squirrel painting is a last-minute gift I made for a family members birthday. I was going to bake her favorite cookies but since she is so in love with her pet squirrel I did this instead.

Sweet Peach did a really cute write up called "Meet the Mooks", check it out if you'd like.


alex sunday said...

aw, great present! and a cute little interview too. :)

Maria said...

love the squirrel painting! great interview, pictures + nice to see YOU;)

kimberley said...

Thanks Alex :)

Nice to be back Maria, hope you are feeling better.

karla said...

I got out of the habit of checking blogs on the daily. Yours of course is the only one I really even care about. When I do catch up, I always close out with a warm feeling in my tummy. Love the Binha & the write up - so exciting!

Kim Welling said...

Ooh that's so cute! Didn't know you can have a squirrel as a pet, never heard of it here in Holland...;)