Monday, June 13, 2011

Studio Sweet Studio


Me in my studio :)

Have you seen the blog, Studio Sweet Studio yet? If you haven't, I'm excited for you because you are in for a treat! It has lots of inspirational spaces and tons of amazing artwork. And so it was a real honor when I was asked for a few pictures of my workspace for one of their studio tours. Here it is : I Love Grey Skies' Studio Tour.


cara said...

Ah yes, I love that site! Your studio is pretty neat, nice work! I love the inspiration wall :)

Anne said...

Cool! Love your place!!

Kim Welling said...

I'm not surprised at all that they asked you, your studio looks so inspirational!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Beautiful!!! I love that your studio is an autumnal respite from the Florida heat -- ha!
I have loved seeing your work at Dagmar Rousset, Kim, it's a fantastic shop, and your little mooks are certainly a highlight. :)