Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blueberry picking





On a farm out in the middle of nowhere, we went blueberry picking. It was so hot but fun :)


coco said...

chickens! lots of chickens! my favorite thing in the world.
and blueberry photo, so nice.
Thanks for sharing.

cara said...

I love blueberry picking, the grow on the sides of our roads. But the juicy ones always seem to be in the middle, as do the prickles. Dilemma!

Veja cecilia said...

I never quite figure out what season you are at now. When do you have your blueberry season?
lovely images. When I pic blieberrys I usually make pie, I love blueberry pie:)

kimberley said...

coco: these chickens were big and fast...and loved eating the blueberries we fed them :)
cara: you are lucky to have then growing wild, bummer with the thorns though.
cecilia: Well, to say we have seasons is really a bit of a stretch ;) We have (winter) nicely warm, moderately hot and then (summer) sweltering. I love pie too, but we ate them all before I had a chance to make one.