Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Rolls!

summer rolls

summer rolls

I love the beauty and freshness of summer rolls. My sister has been coming over weekly to help make them with me (she is a natural at making them pretty :). I'm testing different combinations, trying to make a perfect blend of ingredients that I will stick with. I know it's not authentic but I have been tossing the rice noodles with some soy sauce and sesame oil before they go in the summer roll. I just want them being a little more flavorful on their own.
Has anyone else made them? Any other suggestions for me?


Maria Baker said...

Good Lord these look amazing. Can you post your recipe when you finish?

heather noye said...

omgoodness!! those look amazing (and boy am i hungry now!)

karla said...

OH that looks so good and I'm starving right now!!

Maria said...

Mm, they look good..!!
I make them sometimes, vegetarian or with shrimp now that I eat fish/seafood again. My mom made some very good ones when I visited her last week. They were with glassnoodles, avocado, shrimp(or tofu), chopped chili, cilantro, scallion etc.
+ a very good dipsauce; ricevinegar(a lot), sugar, chopped cilantro, sambal oelek, roasted and chopped peanuts.

chanina said...

wow, those look perfect!
We used to make those alot, with omlette, cucumber and salmon, but this looks amazing!
Please post the recipe!

fliss said...

Your rolls look so delicious. We eat these a lot here and roll them straight off the table ( a very clean one) so no plates to wash!!
A favorite of ours is a lemongrass beef we make and then slice it thinly, adding bean sprouts, omlette, carrot,and cucumber all rolled in one.
An easy dipping sauce is made with fish sauce, chilli, and lime juice.
enjoy your summer rolls

la casita de wendy said...

they look amazing! and by the way i love your new shelves ♥

L said...

We used to get some that had a bit of licorice-y herb in them along with cilantro -- I'm not a fan of licorice generally, but it made for an interesting flavor.

I may to have borrow your sister!

Like the slice of summer photos above. I love our wild afternoon weather.


coco said...

I love avocaco. I love your idea of puttin avocado and chicken in their and cirantro(maybe?). I am going to try your recipe. It looks so so delicous.
Thanks for the idea.

coco said...

oh, you can try adding white pepper. It is good.