Tuesday, November 3, 2009

more grey

Feeling a bit unfocused lately. A Urologist who had purchased mooks from me in the past has now commissioned an anatomically correct mook. The above is a cutout from the fig leaf I am making, for the sake of decency ;)


lola said...

too funny!

Veja cecilia said...

love the little painting. and i love grey:)

Anne said...

Cool! Decency is the new black-I mean grey, yes? :)

alex sunday said...

hehe, can't wait to see him/her/it.

when skies are grey said...

lola: isn't it? definitely a fun custom job.
cecilia-thank you and me too :)
anne: i love it! "decency is the new grey".
alex: not sure how or if i will show it, maybe i'll link to flickr :)