Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Calm again

Yesterday I re-potted some succulents, excited to make use of my new owl and chicken pots :)
I'm feeling a bit relieved and not so pressured after finishing some more things for the shop and now focusing on our holiday preparations.

Some inspiring things this week:
Camilla and Karin's newest collaboration pieces.
Maria shows off some photos of Stockholm's Love Apartments. (I just bought this one as well as another I will show soon)
Mieke and Veronik are opening their shop, I'm sure it will be visually stunning.
And lots more too, but I'm out of time now.


Cranky said...

That owl pot is great!

karl said...

Oh you know how I feel about owls!!!

Anne said...

yeah, them pots are the business!

Esti said...

well, i like the chicken one better, ha, ha... :)

Samantha said...

You should really have displayed a pot full of your front yard clovers. 'Member how purdy!?

Maria said...

Thanks for mention my little post about the book! :)

Happy New Year to you!!

PS. I LOVE that owl pot:D

karin said...

These pots are super nice. Happy New Y>ear to you!