Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On my Walls

Tagged by Cecelia to show what's on my walls. I feel like I've already shown lots of things from my walls but here's a few maybe I haven't:
1. Well worn and much loved Velvet Underground poster I've had for a looong time.
2. The Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey (cardboard) painting I made for Enzo's birthday party this Saturday. He was adamant that we needed to use pins, not tape-it worked out ok.
3. A Christmas reindeer Enzo glued up for me, still hanging.
4. Some paintings I did and my dead lizard collection :)
5. The new deer I've been working on, will probably make some for the shop.

It seems everyone has been tagged already but maybe Anne, Heidi , Leah and Katja and would also like to play along?


cloe said...

hi kim, it's cloe, michael's girlfriend. I've noticed that you like dear, if you give me your address I'd like to send a postcard. that's my blog;

Katja said...

How cute is that deer! :) Thanks for the tag, I'll have to take some photos today and play along, looks like fun!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Ooh... I like this one!

Your walls are so lovely and uncluttered - I seem to have stuff up all over the place!

I'm notoriously crap at tags, but I'll do my best to play along..... I love having a little peek into people's houses!


Leah xxx

fliss said...

I love what you have hanging....such an eclectic collection. Beautiful :)

mieke willems said...

waw, you really have such nice things hanging on your walls! the deer enzo made is our favorite!!!

Anne said...

Hello darling, great collection!
I'm back from the woods where the internet is severely unreliable...

my walls are up over at Them Elks now :)

Cara O'Sullivan said...

your photos are always like paintings, i wonder what it's like to live in such a painterly mind! x

Maria said...

beautiful walls! all colours goes so well together.

flurogoddess said...

I really love the donkey.

I love donkeys in general. <3

sk8ordiehard said...

oh! i love your pin the tail on the donkey, how awesome is that??
And the sweet little deer.

kimberley said...

cloe: already sent, thank you!
katja: i'm glad you played along, what a fun one.
Leah: My walls may be uncluttered but there was definately some clutter just outside the camera's frame :)
fliss: thank you, i like your stuff too!
mieke and veronik: Enzo's deer is my favorite as well. I just love your blog, by the way.
anne: you're back, yay!
cara: so cool that you say that, i never though it but i like that. glad you're "back" too.
fluro: i agree that donkeys are adorable.
Renee: It really was fun and sicne I have it now, I don't see why we won't do it every birthday.

Esti said...

I like the grey color on some of your walls... and of course, your paintings and that deer. But That velvet Underground poster really made me smile. I used to have one just like that.

karin said...

I klike your collection of animals.