Friday, July 4, 2008

week in review :)

Tuesday: Went to the Italian Bakery we love for some yummy treats and fresh bread.
Discovered a warehouse that sells all the county school's old supplies. Both are only about a mile away from my house!
Wednesday: Celebrated my sisters birthday-Enzo always shares the candle blowing responsibilty.
Thursday: Went to a movie with the boys.
Friday: Made some cherry/lemon "layered" slushies. The layering didn't do so well, but it was fun and they were good.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday/weekend.


Anne said...

Ah, seems to have been a good week.
that warehouse sonds ace. Enjoy your weekend, Kimberley & Co :)

maudkristina said...

the cinema picture is too SWEET for words.

Alice said...

i love the colours, red and turquoise, such a great atmosphere...

Samantha said...

This post makes me miss you! I miss being involved in your wondrous (and so aesthetically pleasing!) activities. Oh, you