Tuesday, June 17, 2008

more thrift finds

I really love this plate, major thrift score.

Found a small one to match the big one I already had. Very cool.

Vintage Hippo.

Cute little glass and a trivet tile.

Just some recent (ish) thrift finds.
And now back to work on my projects.
Thank you guys so much for all your comments on my painting :)


Cloé said...

hi Kimberley!
It's Cloé, the friend of Michael. He show me your blog and I love it, your creativity is amazing. Keep doing good!

alice said...

What great thrift finds!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm seriously jealous at everything you find!

I might have to make you a Thrifter of The Week or something!

Those bowls with the lids - Oh My God.

Leah xxxx

maud said...

super-lovely finds! and thank you for the glimpse of the painting too. I really like how there is a feeling of stillness there, but with a sense of more active things happening (under the surface? in the eyes?)...

take care & all the best muses,

Anonymous said...


They are some serious scores! Congratulations!

Alice said...

(another Alice :)

woaw those big and small matching pots are so cool ! and i love the glass aswell :)
what great taste :D

fine little day said...

That glass, :)!

mette said...

wow that hippo is crazy fantastic! im so jalous!

kimberley said...

thanks guys!
it's so neat how everyone has a favorite thing. and i love discovering new blogs through your comments, so cool:)

Ana said...

yup. I thought. .. How come we didnt thrift store it on our visit. though I know -time was just not enough- I do love the small pot that matches the little pot and the glass and the plate. I couldnt resist sharing. I pretty much love everything you do and stuff. you know that right? hehehe