Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the little things

Found: bird skull.
Rejected: miniature shirts.....it's too hard.
Made: mushroom cluster.

Or as Anne might have titled this : Watch out for them bears.


karla said...

Bird skull: COOL
Miniature shirts: Darn it
Mushroom Cluster: SUPER COOL!

Anne said...

Hoho, indeed..
and thank you, darling.

p.s. just remember, a little porridge will go a long way to stave off them beasts :)

Cara O'Sullivan said...

He sat atop his horse and cart
Watching as the children ran
Looking every bit the part
Of the rag ‘n bone man

lovely rags and bones m'dear!

fine little day said...

Oh, those mushrooms. And the shirts ♥

nature morph said...

Well, you know I love those shrooms! And that bird skull: wow. Too bad about the mini shirts, they are fabulous.