Tuesday, April 22, 2008

scenes from another Tuesday

Just posting some pictures again from our Tuesday morning.
Trying to find a good substitute for our Lair, we (Enzo and my sisters and I) went to the dock at the end of the street (first picture) and then onward to the Riverside house (second picture).
After cutting my toe on a barnacle while snail searching, we went home and discovered our new camera had been delivered! Our current one is barely hanging on, with the door to the battery compartment missing big pieces. I then potted some plants in my new pot set, a gift from my friend Karla after her recent ikea trip.
I'm looking forward to trying out the camera later.

OH, and something else that is making me happy: a new project that Cara is doing, such a great, fun concept.


The McManuses said...

Succulants are so much more appealing than the cacti! Love 'em. Poor wittle toe! But I bet the pain was instantly erased when such a box was discovered at your door! Congratulations!! You worked hard for it, you did.

Anne said...

Top picture is gorgeous!

Esti said...

What a nice place you live at! First pic is so calm and joyful... :)

fliss said...

I love all three of those succulents, that flay leaf one gets huge! I also see a great camera...Enjoy it! I love mine, its wonderful. Have a great weekend :)

cake. said...

a dock at the end of the street AND a little toy boat...that's the life.