Friday, November 2, 2007

painting sketch

Just a quick-ish painting sketch, trying to loosen up a bit after doing a couple of clean paintings.
I'm actually hesitant to post it as it's nothing I'm too impressed about but it's a visual.
Not much new, just enjoying a slower, more normal week than last. And looking forward to the colder weather predicted for the weekend. Went major grocery shopping yesterday and bought ingredients for a lot of "winterly" recipes. So excited!


Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

Have you been outsides yet this morning??? LOVE IT!!

In love with lousy poetry said...

Let me take part in your winter recipes please! I cannot wait until I am finished with school so that I can be with you more often.

Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

I'm thinking this could be Tony as a young lad with Clementine as his puppy.