Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The luckiest girl in the world!

So here goes...the biggest "Before and After" I had alluded to months ago. The making of my studio!!! Since I was younger and would be dreaming of my perfect house (which was a Major aspect of my daydreaming) I've always wanted a room to house all of my art supplies and other tools for creating. The house we bought didn't have the extra bedroom needed for my studio, but it did have a 11 X 18 Florida Room. Since our first viewing of the house I had the plan set: Build a wall down the middle, making it into both my studio and a dining room. (Our house otherwise just has an eat-in kitchen with room for a smallish table). I didn't want a cramped dining room and already had a lot of opinions against the wall-building or a least some weariness. Luckily Tony was only in the weary category. I should also mention that the wall would be butting up against a window. BUT my awesome dad was able to build it in about 2 days. And I think he did a great job making it look natural against the window.
And now I am really the luckiest girl in the wooooorld! Let's go through the steps.....

The room before (this picture was taken before we moved in).

The wall going up....
And look how great it turned out!

The dining room, a little bare still but perfectly roomy, right?

The corner of my studio that faces out. (Mostly sewing area, but you can see a bit of my easel and palette in the middle)

What a view!

My very favorite part. This is where I do illustrations, clay stuff, everything else.
A dream come true.
Oh, and Tony loves it too!


a girl who collects shells said...

please stop having a life that i covet.

Gretel said...

1) ditto as the girls comment above
b) gawd im so jealous
III) lets please share a studio somewhere wonderful

Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

You know how close to my heart your 3rd sentence is!! Thank you!! Not that it was for me, but I love the image of you as a child imagining your studio! I know such a girl who just might be imagining the very same thing, thanks to you. You are a lucky lady. The lighting in that room is the very best of all.

In love with lousy poetry said...

Arianna is right. How am I supposed to follow in your great life footsteps? I love your studio [schtuuuud-yo] and your face and your voice. I will be needing to see all of the following soon. Thank you

CresceNet said...
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