Thursday, September 20, 2007

a good day

This past week has been a pretty rough one as we all adjust to Clementine and her to us. It reached a distressing crescendo when on Tuesday, Enzo and I returned home to a diarrhea mess that took forever to clean and which I had an unrelenting audience to. The dog was running around wildly and barking while poor Enz unhappily watched his mommy as he was continuously told to "Stay back!" The electricity went out shortly after (still cleaning...) and was off for the next 3 hours.

But as we all know, it takes days like that to make us really appreciate all the rest. And so yesterday I declared it would be a good day for us. With Tony off from work, we all hung out and relaxed. Towards dinnertime, I reached near-euphoria even, as Tony grilled our dinner while Enzo and Clemmie splashed around in the blow-up pool and I sat back and embroidered little "L"s into some newly thrifted cotton napkins. And with a semi-cool breeze in the air, it just couldn't have gotten much better.

And so it was at least after dinnertime that I walked back into the dining room to clear the table and discovered Clementine STANDING ON the table, licking out of the sour cream container. Good stuff.

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Lee, Karla, Mallorie & Gillian said...

I don't even know what's in Enz'a bowl, but it looks yummy! The ells are super cute too!

Oh ma darlin...