Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Before & After

This was a blog I posted on myspace a month or so back. I just realized all I had to do was cut & paste the blog into a new posting here and there we go! So, because of how easy it was, I'll probably be re-posting a couple more.

This is a Before & Afters as it seems like that is my life lately. Lots going on 'round here, what with the nesting and all.. As much as I really love being someone who is always tweaking things to make them more my (our) style, it can be a bit much sometimes (lately). It's still fun and the outcomes are always the best part.

We found the dresser a few weeks back at Habitat for 9 bucks. You can tell why..it really did look bad. So, some sanding, painting, hardware buying ($8) and vee-oh-la.

Next up, a old-lady-style Sears purse and some vision (maybe? depends on your style). Straps off, buttons on, new purse. As I was telling Sam, I am just plain sick of the floppy purse trend. My stuff winds up being a big pile of junk. I prefer my junk separated into neater junk sections.
Oh! And those cat prints in the last picture are a clue into the latest and greatest and BIGGEST Before and After. Whoa. It's cool.

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